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Sandy Dance Studio Newsletter: 
Hello To All B-Linedancers!!!


We did a number of oldies this week and plan on continuing to do this on a weekly basis. It's great to review the oldies that we've loved in the past, and sometimes we really have to put our heads together just to remember some of the steps. Fun night!! The dances danced this week were; Wonderland Waltz, Blue Note, Broken Stones, My New Life, Big Jimmy, Mad House To The Max, Champagne Promise, Havana, It Ain't My Fault, and Beer for My Horses. Next week we'll go over some of these again and plan to add more oldies to the list. Some dances mentioned for next week are Black Dresses, Rebel Amor, Chill Factor etc.....We'll see how many we can fit in.

Here's a video of Big Jimmy : if you don't remember it.



Nov 15, 2021

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for our up coming holidays!! I was a little

under the weather last week, and found out it was due to high blood pressure, and Kidney problems. Yikes!! I never had high blood pressure before, but I guess it happens sometimes with getting older!! All is well again though, my kidneys have improved a lot and I’m now on some blood pressure meds. My shingles are still with me, but I’m off that medication now, and only having some minor itching, no pain. Thank goodness!! I’m definitely ready for some happy

First…. Some local dance news!!!!

Now For Sandy’s Dance Studio Classes:    $5 per person, snacks provided.


Monday Nights: -  Beginner/Improver,  7:00 - 9:00, $5 per person, snacks provided.

11-15-21: Review; We are reviewing all dances that are needed & doing some favorites:

Lonely drum, Where Oh Where, Fancy Like, Cold Heart, Senorita La La La,  
Havana, Champagne Promise etc...

Wednesday Nights: – Improver/Intermediates, 7:00 – 9:00, $5 per person, snacks provided.

 10-27-21:  Review:  Cold Heart & Fancy Like, Quarter After One, Lonely Drum and “Honky Tonk Highway”. We didn’t get to “Train Wreck” last week, so we’ll try again this week. Dance to your favorites or requests too.

Saturday Afternoons: – Mostly Circuit Dances, 2:00 – 4:00, $5 per person, snacks provided.

Theresa and I were the only ones dancing this week and we put together a list of dances that we will be working on next week............

11-20-21: Review: Cold Heart, Country In 3, Train Wreck, Raised Like That, Cyber Drop.


To Do List for Saturday: (As many as possible)


Zoom, Late Night Habits/ or Bad Habits, Take Me Home – (Madison Glover),Would Have Loved Her, Give Me Shivers- m(Brandon’s or Julia’s), Gotta Good Feeling- Rosey M., I’ve seen it all – Gary O’Reilly, Moses-Roses-Toeses-(Glass), Life is a Lesson- (Darren/Fred), Liquid Sunshine (Raymond S/Ira), All the Kings Horses-( Peter M.), What Happens Next – (Julia W.), My Money, Wine,Beer & Whiskey. ETC

And any others that are requested.

Have a Great Week & Weekend!!!! 

Painesville Township Park's DJ/Dance Schedule from 



Have a Wonderful (Warmer) Week & Weekend!!!!


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Have An Awesome Week & Weekend