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Weather Cancellation:  None
Last Minute Cancellation: None
Christmas Party Dec 18, 2021 is cancelled due to Covid concerns.
PTP Hall Closed for now due to current COVID-19 concerns.
Sandy's Studio is currently opened. (See my newsletter).
Hello all current and future line dancers!
I have been teaching line dance lessons in Northeastern Ohio for approximately 25 years now, and can honestly say that I love line dancing as much now as when I first started.
It is exciting and fun, and can provide you with as much exercise as any health club out there!  My classes are geared for beginner, to intermediate, and to some advanced dances. Any age group having a desire and willingness to learn will find a class that will fit their personal level.  I do my best to stay current with the latest dances by attending classes, or ordering videos from the various dance workshops held throughout the United States, and other countries.  Yes, line dancing is popular throughout the World.  The music used for line dancing today covers all genres, so there is something for everyone!!  Why not give it a try ?????????